Toners vs Tonics. Are They Different and Do You Need Them?

Over the past few years there has been a debate as to whether or not a toner is needed in your skincare routine. Toners were developed years ago to balance your ph and to remove any product residue from the skin. Since our Rosemary Geranium Face Cleanser and 3% Glycolic Acid Face Cleanser do not strip the skin causing your ph balance to be compromised, a toner was not created as a part of our collection. Instead we decided that a tonic was a better benefit to our clients.

Tonics are an extra layer of hydration to the skin to help keep the skin barrier in check and prep the skin to receive the rest of your skincare products after cleansing.

Our Rose Orange Hydrating Face Tonic is created for Normal to Dry skin. With ingredients like Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vitamin C and infused with Rose petals. this tonic helps to moisturize, increase hydration and brightens the skin. Rose oil is known as the Queen of oils and its benefits help with anti aging, minimizing fine lines and evening out skin tone. Orange oil is beneficial for toning and tightening the skin and Geranium boost your overall skin health and natural glow.

If you have Oily to Combo skin, our Tea Tree Lavender Clarifying Tonic is perfect for you. Made with Comfrey Root, Witch Hazel, Cucumber and infused with Lavender buds, this combination reduces inflammation, balances oil and helps fight acne. Tea Tree is antibacterial which helps fight acne and encourages new cell growth and Lavender is non comedogenic and soothing to the skin.

So which do you choose? If you feel like you need a toner to remove any product residue or get your ph back in balance, sure. If you like using a toner because that is what you have always done, then keep on keeping on. Can you use a tonic too? Yes, because it has a different purpose. Some would consider it an essence, however essences tend to be thicker in texture. 

Using a tonic in your daily skincare routine is a great way to boost the hydration in your skin and setting the stage for your other hydration products to really shine.

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