Luxe by Lay'Na


Beautiful skin achieved with clean products is the core of the Luxe by Lay’Na collection. From Skin Oils to Body Scrubs, we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Our products are made with carrier and essential oils for natural, effective, simple skincare.



Having a peaceful mind, body and home is essential in todays world. For centuries, scents have been the catalyst for creating the perfect mood. From sunrise to sunset, our aromatherapy collection will keep you balanced throughout the day.



Luxurious living is the philosophy of Luxe by Lay’Na. Luxury is a desire not required to be paid by money. Whether its yoga, painting, cooking or traveling, we believe doing the things you love to do, the things that bring you joy, are the key to living the life you desire to live.


our mission

Luxe by Lay’Na is a lifestyle brand that promotes beautiful skin, clean products, daily balance and luxurious living. Through information + inspiration, Lay’Na will show you how to live a life of luxury by enjoying the very things you desire and bring you joy.

Are you ready to live The Luxe Life?

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