luxe no.3 Glowing Body Oil
luxe no.3 Glowing Body Oil
luxe no.3 Glowing Body Oil

luxe no.3 Glowing Body Oil

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luxe no. 3 is our newest and most intoxicating body oil. This quick absorbing body oil is layered with our most sensual, mysterious scent. This body oil works well with any fragrance you wear. However, once you smell this blend, it may be the only scent you wear!⁣

How to Use: Massage into wet or dry skin.⁣

Lay'Na's Tip: I love applying this to my hair to add a little moisture and it feels so good massaged into the scalp. Also, your hair smells divine! Bonus!

Benefits: Avocado Oil is high in fatty acids which help to retain moisture and Apricot Oil contains oleic and linoleic acid which nourish and heal chapped, dry and irritated skin. Lavender soothes the skin and calms the nerves. Rosemary is anti aging and Jasmine promotes even skin tone.⁣

Ingredients: Apricot and Avocado Oil, Lavender, Rosemary and Jasmine Oil.⁣

8 oz

Customer Reviews

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Lisa C
Sunshine glow

I purchased the orange vanilla body scrub along with the Luxe 3 body oil and I love them both!! The scrub alone leaves my skin soft and hydrated but then I put the Luxe no. 3 oil all over my body and it feels smooth like a newborn!! Plus, the smell is wonderful but does not clash with my perfume!

Bethany Hilt

I've used this on wet and dry skin and love it both ways. When I apply it to dry skin, it's not greasy at all, unlike other body oils I've tried that just sit on top of the skin if I do that. No matter how I use it, it sinks in and leaves my skin soft all day and flake-free - even in the winter.

J. Holloway
Glow Up!

I tried this oil after watching an IG live. Best decision EVER! This body oil is so nice and smells great! I also like that it’s fast absorbing and doesn’t take away from any fragrance. A Must!!

Cheyenne Appling

Exactly what it says it moisturizes my skin and leaves me luminescent in a non greasy way! Lay’Na has found a way to bottle GLOW!