Skincare Routine Instructions

Hello Luxist! Thank you for your purchase and allowing me to be a part of your skincare journey.  Whether you have one of our Glowing Skin Collections, a Travel Kit or are new to a regular skincare routine, follow these steps and be consistent!

    Keep Glowing and Stay Luxe! ~Lay'Na

    Step 1: Pre cleanse with your Rose + Orange Moisturizing Skin Oil or your Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Oil. Use 4-6 drops, massage into skin for at least 1 minute. Rinse off or remove with face cloth face and pat dry.  

    It is important to double cleanse. The precleanse is to bring everything to the surface and the second cleanse is your deep cleanse. This step is optional in the morning, however make sure you do it every night.

    Step 2: Cleanse with your Rosemary + Geranium or 3% Glycolic Face Wash. Apply to hands, add water and massage into skin for 1 minute. Remove with face cloth or rinse off and pat dry.

    Step 3: Hydrate + Balance Pour your Rose + Orange Hydrating Skin Tonic or your Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Tonic into hands or cotton pad. Press into the skin and let dry naturally or spray onto cotton round.

    Step 4: Moisturize: During the day use your favorite sunscreen. At night, press a few drops of Rose & Orange Hydrating Skin Oil into the skin.

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