Rosemary + Tea Tree Face & Beard Wash

Rosemary + Tea Tree Face & Beard Wash


Rosemary + Tea Tree are the perfect combination for cleansing and prepping the skin for the perfect shave. It is also a great conditioning shampoo for our bearded gentlemen.

How to Use: Shake before using. Apply to wet hands and lather into skin and beard.. Rinse and pat skin and beard dry. Follow up with #l and Tea Tree + Lavender Aftershave Tonic.

Benefits: Rosemary rejuvenates the skin and conditions the beard, while Tea Tree primes the hair, clarifies and tones the skin.


Clean Shaven: If shaving, after washing face and beard, apply #soulday Skin, Scalp and Body Oil in place of shaving cream. Complete your shave with our Tea Tree + Lavender Skin Tonic to calm the skin and Tea Tree + Lavender Skin Oil to moisturize.

The Beards: After washing face and shampooing beard, apply our Cedarwood + Sandalwood Beard Oil to soften, condition and groom your beard. Use our Tea Tree + Lavender Skin oil to moisturize your face.

Ingredients: Black Soap, Rosemary & Tea Tree essential oils.

8 oz

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