The Ultra Simple Luxe by Lay'Na Skincare Routine

3 products, 4 steps, amazing results

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1. Pre-cleanse with our Skin Oil

Our nourishing skin oil will melt your makeup and rinse clean with no residue. If you are Normal to Dry, choose Rose + Orange Hydrating Skin Oil. Normal to Oily, our Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Oil is perfect for controlling your oily areas without drying out the skin. Combination skin? Choose Skin Oil based on what the majority area of your skin is.  Both oils will work and leave your skin glowing and prepped for the next step.

TIP:  Warm 3-4 drops between palms to warm up then apply to face. Massage into skin to dissolve makeup.

2. Cleanse with our Face Cleanser

Double cleansing is not a new technique. Continue your daily skincare journey with our Rosemary + Geranium Face Cleanser.  Our pearlized black soap cleanses the skin without drying it out and feeling tight. Rosemary rejuvenates and balances, while Geranium nourishes and hydrates the skin.

TIP: Use with your favorite skincare tool. My favorite is the PMD CLEAN or Foreo.

3. Next up…Skin Tonic

Rebalance your skin with our Hydrating Rose + Orange Skin Tonic or Clarifying Tea Tree + Lavender Skin Tonic. Not only does our tonic get your skins ph balance back to normal, it also calms and rejuvenates the skin.

TIP:  Mist onto skin while still damp from cleansing. For extra hydration, mist again after moisturizing with Skin Oil.

4. And last but not least, Moisturize!

Wait, what? Two products in one? Your first step is also your last! That’s right, not only is our Skin Oil your pre-cleanse to remove your makeup, it is also your moisturizer. The Rose + Orange hydrates and brightens the skin, while Tea Tree + Lavender balances out oil production and moisturizing the oil without feeling heavy.

TIP: Warm a few drops between palms and press into skin. Follow up with a Rose Quartz, Jade Roller or Gua Sha.

3 products, 4 steps to the ultra, simple daily skincare routine.