Glowing Skin Collection

Glowing Skin Collection

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The Glowing Skin Collection includes the following 5 products: Skin Oil, Face Cleanser, Skin Tonic, Face Polish and Body Polish. This coveted collection will help you achieve that healthy, radiant skin you’ve been trying to achieve! Just read one of our many reviews below:

Thanks Lay’Na for creating a product that is natural and LUXURIOUS! The Tea Tree + Lavender Skin Oil removes makeup, deep cleans and makes my skin feel buttery soft. As a makeup artist, I have ALOT of makeup artist friends and I always have them try it  because it’s the first thing they see on my sink. I am thinking about hosting a party so they can stop using my stuff!

The Rosemary and Geranium Face Cleanser paired with the Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Tonic, keeps my oily skin balanced and fresh. Oh and the Lavender + Chamomile Balancing Spray always bring my face back to life after a long makeup day.

It's no other skincare for me from now on!

L. Thompson - Atlanta

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