Tea Tree + Lavender Skin Tonic

Tea Tree + Lavender Skin Tonic


Our Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Tonic gets your skin back to its ph balance after cleansing.

How to Use: Shake before using. Once you have pre-cleansed with our Tea Tree + Lavender Skin Oil and washed your face with our Rosemary + Geranium Face Wash, spray tonic on face and let absorb into skin or stroke into skin with a cotton pad. Once absorbed into skin, follow up again with the Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Skin Oil as your moisturizer.

Benefits: Tea Tree helps to control oil and Lavender helps to soothe the skin. This combo is perfect for subsiding breakouts and irritation to the skin.

Tip: Put in the refrigerator during the summer months for a cool refreshing mist.

Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree & Lavender essential oils. Infused with Lavender Buds.

8 oz

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