Toners: The Great Debate...

Toners...are they necessary or just another product to have on your vanity?

There has been much debate on this subject on the Gram for some time now. Some see it as a necessity, others feel like it’s an unneeded step.

As an Esthetician I was taught that a toner gets your ph balance back to normal after cleansing your face. This was also before we had the variety of cleansers and ingredient profiles that are available to us now.  From milk cleansers to cleansing balms, it is now possible to wash your face without totally stripping it if it’s nature’s oils. Depending on the alkaline nature of the soap a toner may still be needed to balance your skin back out.

Toners used to be too astringent, containing alcohol and drying out the skin.

I personally still recommend my clients use either our Rose + Orange Hydrating Tonic to hydrate the skin, our Tea Tree + Lavender Clarifying Tonic to brighten the skin or our Lavender + Chamomile Balancing Tonic to set your makeup or for a pick me up during the day. None of them contain alcohol and absorb into the skin quickly to provide hydration and remove any dead skin cells. 

Toners do so much more than just, tone...

The many benefits of toners are:

* Restores ph balance (might as well start with that since we’ve already covered it)

* Reduces appearance of pores

* Hydrates skin

* Adds a layer of protection 

* Refreshes skin (especially if you keep it in the fridge)

* Prevents ingrown hairs 

* Evens skin tone

* Plumps skin giving it some bounce back

So if you want to benefit from any of the above features mention, don’t think of toner as an extra step, think of it as a bridge to your skincare goals!

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