#skingoals: Glowing Skin

I don't want glowing skin!

Said no one...EVER!

Glowing skin is major #skingoals and achieving it is not as hard as you think.

Do I have your attention yet?

Glowing skin comes down to many factors; stress, diet and skincare. What you use, how consistent you are and how you are using your products are important components to achieving your skin goals. But guess what...I've made it easy for you! Luxe by Lay'Na now has 3 collections to address all of your skincare needs to get the skin that you desire!
Each collection includes:
* Skin Oil which is your precleanse and moisturizer
* Face Cleanser
* Skin Tonic
* Glowing Cleansing Sponge
* Skincare routine card
Normal/Combo/Dry Skin:
Our Uber Glowing Skin Collection is perfect for hydrating and softening the skin with a combination of oils that moisturize and nourish without being heavy.
Our Ultra Glowing Skin Collection contains Tea Tree + Lavender and is the perfect blend for clarifying and brighten the skin. This collection will balancing out your oily areas while hydrating your dry areas. 
Do you have dark spots that you want to fade? Then the Hyper Glowing Skin Collection is for you! Designed to fade hyperpigmentation, your skin will be even, bright and clear.
Now that you have chosen the collection that is right for you, consistency is key. Make sure do your routine every morning and every night. Hey, its only 3 products and 4 steps and you get a waterproof skincare routine card to keep you on track.
See how easy I've made it for you!
Still not sure what collection is right for you? Schedule a skincare consultation for an in depth analysis of your skin type and let's get you to your #skingoals #glowingskin!
Stay Luxe and Keep Glowing!

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