The Stories of Ann Margaret's Garden

I used the flowers that were always in our flower beds when I was growing up and created 5 different stories based on a mothers love, self love, love for our life, societal love and love for a passion. Click here to purchase your Limited Edition Collection Box.

 Ann Margaret and Her Sunflowers   

This collage includes a picture of my mother and I and is the  inspiration of the rest of the stories. There is nothing like a mothers' love and the lessons they teach us, knowingly and unknowingly. I found this photo and loved the fact that we are wearing yellow and green dresses. Further prove of the love my mom had for growing her sunflowers.

 Speak Sweet   

The Snake Plant represents the negative thoughts in our head and the words behind it are affirmations. We are often shy to say affirmations out loud (the lighter ones at top). However the more we say them, the louder and stronger they get (the darker ones on the bottom). The Magnolia represent how sweet our words should be coming out of our mouth because as we know, our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions.

Patience My Darling (When?)

As a child, I thought the name of this flower was Impatient. For the record it's not, its Impatiens! When are you getting married? When are you having children? When are you buying a house? These are the questions that we get asked by family, society, even ourselves. No matter how much faith we have in our hearts desires being honored, without fail we falter in patience and as the question, When?

To Be Seen as Love

The Rose is the flower of love. As black women we are seen as strong, resilient, survivors, and angry. The one thing that we are not seen as naturally, especially here in America, is love. Yes we are strong, resilient, survivors and yes even sometimes angry, however like every other woman walking this earth, black women want to be seen as love.

Somewhere in the Neighborhood
This collage is based on the true story that people would come on out front porch and steal these 2 plants, the Spider Plant and the Fern. My mother had a major green thumb and a passion for plants. People would drive by our house just to look at her flower beds. People would knock on our door for plant advice. Then one day these 2 plants got stolen and my mom was mad. Then it happened again. And again. By the third time, she said if they love them that much and they need them that bad, they can have them. At least they're somewhere in the neighborhood!

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